Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Candlelight Tours - Laborers

Next we come to the various laborer's jobs at Fort Nisqually. They are eagerly splitting and hauling wood, and setting up candles for the evenings festivities.

The Laborer's Dwelling is full and the gentleman are taking a small meal and playing cards while their Metis wives spin in the bedroom next door. They frequently comment in a variety of languages on the politics of transferring the area to American soldiers now that the land falls south of the British dividing line.

The kitchen is buzzing preparing the meal for the Factor's House. The Ladies and Gentlemen will dine on an after dinner dessert of Bread pudding and Plum cake. The cooks must also wash all of the china and dishes for the entire fort and keep hot water at the ready for the Ladies tea. A difficult task indeed!

Mr. Thornhill, in particular, cannot recall whether to take the water for the tea from the creek or from the bay (Puget Sound). Much to the dismay of the entire company, he does the latter and the tea is prepared with salt water. The salt contaminates the teapots and there is no tea to be had for the rest of the evening. Thornhill finds himself banished to the Bastion (although he later manages to escape and runs amok throughout the fort :). He is surely addled by his trip around the Cape and ought to swear off the demon liquor forever!

Our noble servants of the Factor's house! They respond to Mrs. Tolmie's rings and intercede with Mr. Thornhill for the ladies. Pauline is so gracious and so competent that many of the ladies from Victoria attempt to lure her away from Mrs. Tolmie's household. We never have a want but it is fulfilled by Pauline! And good help is so difficult to find these days!

Thank you laborers! Many of you put in such hard work and you pulled it off brilliantly! We couldn't do this event with out all of your time and energy! Fantastic job! Huzzah!


Lauren said...

That's so neat. I love the pictures of the kitchens.

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! I especially like the picture of the 1st gentleman as he reminds me so much of my grandpa!

It sounds like it was a wonderful event and I am eagerly awaiting more installments of your pictures and commentary!

jane said...

That looked like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.