Sunday, October 5, 2008

Candlelight Tours - Children's Bedroom

I'm back from our Candlelight Tours and there are far too many pictures of this weekend's event to fit all in one post. The pictures all show different parts of the event, so I thought I would space them out over the next few days in a few various posts, and hopefully readers will get a similar perspective to the audience at the event. These pictures were all taken before the event began, as it was a first person, immersion experience (so many will be set-up pictures).

First, we come to the children's bedrooom with their teenage sitters. We start here, because the children pretty much always steal the show! Hannah, the little one, was adorable, sitting in the corner sewing on her dolly's dress, while the boys alternated between requesting stories and flitting off to the Dance scene (while they were supposed to be under the care of the sitters.). The same sitters, I might add that I actually do leave my children with in "modern" circumstances, which made for an interesting story line about their moral fitness in guarding children!

The children (and their teenage companions) were convincing beyond belief and their acting/re-enacting skills are incredible! I can't wait for Noah to join them next year. They had so much fun and add such a realistic element to the house for all the kids who love to come watch. Bravo kids! Well done!


Lauren said...

What a wonderful event. I'm glad you had fun.

Sarah said...

Wonderful pictures! Candlelight was so much fun. I enjoyed your post! :)