Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apple Pickin' and Cider Squeezin'

What else is there to do on a beautiful fall day in the Northwest but pick apples and squeeze them into cider? The farm apple trees were so full of ripe apples that some were nearly bent to the ground. We decided we should help them out and pick some!

We weren't sure how many apples we needed for cider (we got 2 gallons last year and it was gone in a week), so we thought we would rather over pick than not have enough :). We ended up with two gallons of farm cider and 60 lbs of apples!

Crusoe found the perfect apple, round and ripe, covered in morning dew and shining in the sunlight. We had to get a pic of fall's best fruit!

The boys had a field day and munched on as many apples as they could hold in their little grubby hands and shove in their mouths :)!

The cuties in the apple cart!

Next it was time to take the apples over to the press. Noah and Crusoe put the apples in and with the help of the friendly farm hands we pressed our cider.

There was a 2 gallon cider limit at the farm to ensure that every family got a chance to press. We took the rest of our apples over to the historic cider press going on in town. They had a smaller press, so Nate got a chance to try too!

All told, we ended up with 6 gallons of organic cider (Yum!) and a bushel of family fun (sorry, I couldn't resist)! But in all seriousness, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a fall family day! What a great time of year!


Mrs. G said...

What a great learning adventure for your boys! Cider (everything actually)tastes so much better when you've worked for it, enjoy!


Lauren said...

What fun! I love produce picking in general, especially berry picking. And what could be better than apple cider in a cold day. God Bless!


Sarah Jane said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Cider is the Perfect thing to drink this time of year.