Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pleated hairnet

After our entire family was super sick last week (really, I didn't leave the house from Monday through Friday and ran a temp of 102+) I was finally feeling better enough this weekend to get back to life and sewing!

I put together a hairnet using the instructions from In Timely Fashion and this fantastic little book, "Victorian Trims," that I picked up by Marge Harding at the Oregon City Conference last spring. This book is incredible! It has easy instructions to make at least 20 variations of ribbons that look simply smashing!

Even Crusoe was impressed and he rarely comments on my projects (although he loves to mention that I can't work a single electronic gadget in the house :). Best of all, start to finish took maybe an hour and a half. Now, that is my kind of project! Low commitment, cheap materials, fantastic finish! I am so hooked! I can't wait to try them with all kinds of ribbons!


Lauren said...

Ooh, so pretty :-)

Sarah Jane said...

That looks MARVELOUS! I love the pink silk ribbon, it is such a feminine color. I'm always seeing hairnets in browns and blacks and blues and I really love the color you chose. Do you know if the booklet you got is available for purchase via mail? It sounds like a fabulous resource.

Mrs. G said...

That's too bad about your family being sick; glad you're on the mend now! The net is *beautiful*, sounds like a good project to add to my list.

lissawi said...

Sarah - I think you can get the booklet by mail. You can reach Marge at if you are interested. It really is a cool book!