Saturday, September 13, 2008

Immersion event

We had so much fun at the Immersion event today! My favorite part was the walk we took to the naturally occuring spring (which was piped in the 1840s to provide water for the Fort and still bubbles today!).
The young ladies were in fancy form today:

The Ladies

Dr. and Mrs. Tolmie

Mrs. Colonel Silas Casey and Daughters

And lest you think that I did no work today, a shot of my laundry set-up and mending (I realize the galvanized steel is not period, but it is a very small museum and they provided the tubs).

I hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did!


Mrs. G said...

Beautiful pictures, Lissa! You all look splendid, I bet you have such fun there!


Sarah Jane said...

How fun it looks! It must be lovely to get together with like-minded folks and do something like that. Everyone looks wonderful!

MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh, pretty pictures! Saturday 'twas fun!


Lauren said...

What amazing pictures. It looks as though you stepped out of time. I'm glad you had a good event. God Bless you :-)