Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Love Affair with Canton Flannel

I think I am beginning a love affair with Canton flannel. As many of you know, canton flannel is a special type of cotton flannel with one napped side and one smooth side. It was used for warm undergarments during the mid-19th century.

I ordered a couple of yards a few weeks ago to make the boys winter drawers for our colder events. After their final fitting, the boys absconded (now there's an SAT word for you) with them and wore them to bed because they were so cozy!

The material was so soft that I splurged and ordered more for drawers for myself (this was after my husband insisted that he never gets cold and to please not make him anything that might make him warmer). After a couple of sewing bumps, I made up these drawers from the ESC pattern. I love them so much that they may become my favorite new lounge pants. This concept of drafting garments to your own measurements rocks! No more comparing yourself to celebrity sizes!!

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Mrs. G said...

Oooo, I'm envious, that *does* sound cosy! Our children all need drawers, maybe I should just order the fabric and get going! Thanks for the inspiration.